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"I am lead member of the Finance & Accounting team at a privately-held Oil & Gas equipment manufacturer, which shares common ownership with multiple affiliate entities. Almost immediately upon my arrival, it became apparent that I was going to need as much help as I could get to figure out how all of these corporate puzzle pieces fit together on the federal tax returns. Fortunately, when I assumed my current position with the firm nearly a decade ago, Randy Reimer and his team were already well-established as the firm’s CPAs with a solid relationship built upon mutual trust that preceded my arrival by at least another decade prior. As such, Randy and his associate, Max Dunlap, quickly became indispensable “jungle guides” for me, providing invaluable context and insight as I began to study and assimilate the companies’ historical narratives, individually and in relation to each other. My education was neither inexpensive nor quick; my “jungle guides” invested vast amounts of time, patience, accessibility and professional insight to help develop and expand my professional skill sets.

Since those early years of my education, RMH has grown substantially, and I believe I know a big reason – perhaps the biggest reason - why: RMH has never abandoned those innate character traits that established our professional relationship all those years ago. Even today, I still occasionally lean on my “jungle guides”, and I still benefit from their generous patience, time, accessibility and insight. In today’s environment where so many professional relationships are regarded as interchangeable and ephemeral, I regard our team at RMH as trusted and true partners. Without exception, every member of our team is a truly a pleasure to work with."

~ Wes Ralston of TSI Flow Products

"As the CFO of a dynamic and growing organization, the annual audit takes valuable time away from my other duties. I have worked with Max and the RMH team for several years, and I can honestly say they keep our audit process efficient and organized. Max’s workflow plan is structured to continue with the organization’s daily management while in the audit. RMH provides grade A service that I highly recommend others use."

~ Adrian Griffin, Kids Meals Inc